Christmas preparations

Has anyone else gotten completely lost in Christmas preparations? I’ve made Amazon wish lists for my children (so effectively shopped twice) so our relatives know what their ever-changing far away cousins/nieces or nephews like (and thank goodness they’ve extended the same courtesy to us!). I’ve shopped and shopped either online or in shops and discovered massive, sparkling reindeer.

I’ve been trying to avoid the gilet jaune protests. I’ve organised the children getting gufts for each other (with a strict 5€ budget). I’m trying to work out what a traditional French Christmas is to give us a taste of it as we’re christmassing (is that gramatically correct?) in France for the first time. I’m planning various house cleaning/ bed changing strategies for when my parents arrive. I’ve negotiated with the children on which size tree to get. I’ve helped everyone back to health after we all suffered from a horrible virus (especially the small person). I’ve convinced my husband said tree is calle…

Are we plastic-free yet?

So are we plastic-free yet? I’ll be honest - not yet! We started this journey a while ago with ditching the plastic  all the way back in March and we’re still working on it but it’s trickier than it seems. We’re still persevering and I’m pleased with how far we’ve come. So what have we done so far? Let’s review:
In the bathroom  We’ve replaced all our toothbrushes with either bamboo or recycled/recyclable plastic ones. It took a while to discover what we all liked and what worked for the whole family but we’ve now found what we all like. I’m still of the opinion that plastic feels the nicest but now we’ve found the recycled/recyclable ones at our local organic store. I’m quite pleased and trust in the longevity of the transition. Read my full review at bamboo and recycled plastic toothbrushesI’m still working on finding the right toothpaste that’s not plastic wrapped and hope to report back with success soon.

As for other bathroom products I’m pleased to say almost all plastic is now comp…

I would like....

One day I would like to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. One day I would like to wake up and not be in pain. I would like to not have to think of breakfast in terms of eating enough to take painkillers. I would like energy. Not for anything specific, just energy so I don’t feel like I’m walking through treacle. I would like to run, jump and dance about with my kids. I would like to hold down a job to relieve the financial pressure on my husband. I would like to eat a whole massive chocolate cake full of butter, wheat and sugar not have it tainted by worry of how I’ll feel tomorrow. I would like a caffeinated coffee just because I want one. I would like to be well enough to give my exhausted husband a day off. He’s exhausted because he picks up all the slack I leave in my wake. I’d like to look at my watch and not count the hours until my next painkiller. I would like to loose weight. I’d like to not have a swollen belly because of my illness. I’d like to not rely on antidepressant…

Clyde the giant dragon

Hi all. I'd like you to meet someone: this is Clyde.
Clyde is a giant dragon. He is 135cms nose to tail and has a wing-span of 86cms. Here he is sunbathing and snuggling on the mermaid blanket along with other crochet goodies. Clyde was a birthday present to my son. This year, knowing that I make them something for each birthday (which is now a tradition), Finn was really helpful in changing his mind every five minutes over what he wanted. The mini Spider-Man to go with his other Avengers was a given as he's been asking for that for ages. But he didn't get finished, instead he was presented in bits like this:

Not ideal but hey he gave me a "ok mum" and a pat on the back because he had already had Clyde. As some of you may recall from past posts my son is a bit obsessed with dragons and this year he wanted a "really big, cuddly dragon". He first saw Clyde like this:
He leaped and squealed and hugged him and told me I was the best mum ever! Totally worth sta…

A year on

Here we are, in France and already we've celebrated our one year anniversary of living here or our Franceaversary as my husband calls it. Well that year flew past in a haze of paperwork, tears, new adventures, joy, laughter, exploration and doubt. It's the one thing that is most difficult to reconcile - the doubt. Both my hubby and I have had it. We've both wondered if we made the right choice for us as a couple, as a family and for our children whether furry or human.

Arguably the dogs have settled in the best. Apart from the heat over summer they enjoy our life here. Lots if interesting smells, new dogs to bark at and exciting animals to chase like lizards and wild boar. (At this moment I should point out that no lizards or wild boar have been captured or even caught.) Our whippet cross loves the lizards and he pursues them into the bushes where they escape and walk round behind him whilst his head is still in the bush and he has no idea - it's hilarious…


Hello there and welcome to Frank and Josie’s house. I’m glad you could join us. I’ll put the kettle on whilst we talk. If you’ve followed me over from then I’m glad you could make it. If you’re new to my house there’s some things you should probably know: mainly that this is a safe space and we welcome everybody here, no matter their faith, colour, creed or life choices. All we ask is you have an open mind and listen to others and look for the best in people - that’s what we do here.

Let me tell you all about how I got here, how I came to the point in my life I wanted to write a blog.
Well I've always liked the idea of writing, even tried it a few times but I always got distracted by life so I thought I'd write about just that, my life. But this blog was mainly kicked off by crochet. In the summer of 2013 I was innocently drinking tea in my sister's house when she says to me "Here, try this." Next thing I know I have a croch…

My weeks in photos

Hi all. It's taken me forever to do a blogpost because life has been busy! There's been crochet (obviously), kids away on school trips, me being ill (again!!!), visitors, organising holidays and housesitters...all very first world problems. But I know you're all desperate to here about what I've been up to so here it is:

We tool our visitors into Toulouse for a little bimble. It was a lovely, easy trip and we found some beautiful side streets and ended up having lunch by a haberdashery and yarn shop. It's like I was drawn to it.

I picked some gooseberries from our bush. The juice didn't get further than this as I fell ill but it is waiting for me in the freezer to do something with. What a wonderful colour!

Oh so much gorgeous nature and beauty around us. It's bloody hot and we're all getting used to sweating (urgh!) but it does produce some wonderful things like cicadas singing in our garden and many, many flowers on our school run.

Yes, one day I had too …