The overdue unicorn

There’s so much going on in the world right now that I’m going to focus on one thing today: crochet. It’s been so bloody long since I’ve posted about just crochet in one post that I felt like have a little moment in my own crochet world.
I have finally finished the crochet unicorn I promised for my eldest (you know, the equine crazy lass) for, what for it, CHRISTMAS! So it’s a little late but I’ve been informed by my children that it’s not my most delayed gift. Here she is (name yet to be decided)

So this little cutie came about due to my big girl’s love of the equine world. I think she would actually be a horse if she could! She definitely wants to own one and keeps telling us so but as we have nowhere to put a ponie (let alone afford one) I thought I’d give her a different equine creature - a unicorn. I came across this pattern in a pattern book free with a Mollie Makes issue and it seemed the perfect gift for Christmas, you know, magical gift st a magical time of year. But I massivel…

Taking stock

Hi there,
It’s been a couple of weeks and a couple of weeks in which loads has happened. Firstly my husband has had to see loads of colleagues and friends leave work. Due to the downsizing of the company many expats have returned or will return to their home countries. A lot of people within our community here have been affected by the downsizing. A few are looking on the positive side with one of our closer friends determined to make the best of it. Being in a furlough situation in a country they love which they haven’t finished exploring yet means this family has taken the positive view that it’s a golden opportunity - they have an income and are able to explore a new and exciting country. Whether they’ll stay until the end of the furlough is unknown, as is so much, but for now they’re purely positive which is great to see. Another couple we know have bought a camper van and are off. I’m a little jealous and I know my husband is!
A lot of people just aren’t sure. Having never been in …

For my girl

Hey my beautiful, eldest daughter,
This is my open letter to you. I want you to be able to go back and read things again and again. Plus, I know you prefer reading to listening to me! So I thought I’d get it all down digitally and then you can look at it whenever you like. And you never know, it may help somebody who’s just like you. Why am I writing this now? Because you’re going through a lot of changes, not just physically but mentally too. You’re becoming a wonderful young woman and it’s fabulous to see how amazing you will become. This is partly for you now and partly for future you.
I love who your role models are currently. J.K. Rowling has another fan and has shown you just what girls and women can do. Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood are your friends and peers. Emma Watson shows your the woman behind the girl you currently are. Your love of horse riding has led to another role model and idolisation of Esme (an equestrian YouTuber). I’m sure there are others you haven’t told me…

Sunshine and rosé

Sometimes you just need to breathe. Two weeks ago now my husband, for all his stress and worries, told me I was getting a day off. He booked out today as holiday and here I am, on my own, not having to worry about anybody else (though do we ever stop worrying about our families? My day told me very much “no” this week.) and generally doing what I want. So I booked an appointment to sort out my Chewbacca length of leg and armpit hair and thought about the various shops, gardens and cafes I’d visit along the way, just little old me.
Now a couple of times this week I’ve thought my day off might be in danger. I was considering cancelling everything and just having a normal day. You may remember from last week that husband-mine was having a very uncertain time at work. Well, I can reveal a little more though nothing too juicy can go into print just yet I’m afraid. The long and the short of it is that many people have been put onto furlough.  My husband himself is safe in his job for now but…

Finding the truth behind the tantrums

Warning! This post is full of waffling and random pictures from our garden.
Oh my poor kids. They just don’t know what they’re doing at the moment and have no idea what to expect any time soon. We’ve started socialising with 2 different families but that’s it. Schools in Japan prepare to return next week and my kids are so nervous. For the older two it’s optional. It’s just the last 3 weeks of term for them as the school follows the western school year of August/September to June/July. The school want to get kids back in just so they can all reconnect and the learning stays predominantly online. Each grade/year only goes in once or twice a week and there are many measures in place to stop any spread of infection. I spoke with my older two about this as we figured they’re the ones having to go into the unusual school environment and they can choose so let’s give them a choice. Neither of them are keen on wearing face masks and they don’t like the idea of having to remember to walk one s…

Looking in a mirror

Hi there, peeps. How are we all? Everyone coping alright? How’s the lockdown/state of emergency/ ease of restrictions treating you? We’re feeling very far away from our family and friends right now. It’s so odd seeing how differently Japan are handling the Covid19 situation to the rest of the world. Being in a group of friends who mainly hail from the UK or the US we regularly discuss how things are “back home.” 

Lately, however, I feel that I’ve taken more of an inward look. As regular readers will know I suffer with depression and endometriosis. One of my focuses has been my personal health. I could sit and drink all day but it’s better to keep a lid on it and stay focussed. So I focus on the kids when they need my help and in turn I’ve explained to them that I need rest every day too. I’ve also realised that my health not only effects me but everyone around me. Something I really should have realised sooner and perhaps I did but I didn’t acknowledge it. Some days I find the best thi…

Day in, day out

Hi all, long time and no writing from me. As with everyone life has been busy in these unusual times. Coffee shop meets have been replaced by FaceTime and lots of text, Google meets are a regular part of the older kids timetable for school, Zoom meets are for the little one and family and friends catching up and I’ve begun to use the word meets regularly and about 17 times a day! Life is very different right now, isn’t it? I am just not stopping. I’m quite envious of those who are watching Netflix all day. Some days I’m lucky if I sit down at all whilst the kids are awake.
This is my day: 6.40am - alarm 6.50am - 2nd alarm 6.55am - 1 of the children arrives for a snuggle before we face the day. 7am - 3rd alarm and simultaneously snoozed alarm 7.30am - talk about the fact we should get up 7.45am - admit defeat....almost. Husband sighs and taps or laptop still in jammies. 8am - really must get arse out of bed and feed kids before their ‘meets’ start. 8.05am - breakfast and much needed tea 8.25am- …