A year on

Here we are, in France and already we've celebrated our one year anniversary of living here or our Franceaversary as my husband calls it. Well that year flew past in a haze of paperwork, tears, new adventures, joy, laughter, exploration and doubt. It's the one thing that is most difficult to reconcile - the doubt. Both my hubby and I have had it. We've both wondered if we made the right choice for us as a couple, as a family and for our children whether furry or human.

Arguably the dogs have settled in the best. Apart from the heat over summer they enjoy our life here. Lots if interesting smells, new dogs to bark at and exciting animals to chase like lizards and wild boar. (At this moment I should point out that no lizards or wild boar have been captured or even caught.) Our whippet cross loves the lizards and he pursues them into the bushes where they escape and walk round behind him whilst his head is still in the bush and he has no idea - it's hilarious…


Hello there and welcome to Frank and Josie’s house. I’m glad you could join us. I’ll put the kettle on whilst we talk. If you’ve followed me over from then I’m glad you could make it. If you’re new to my house there’s some things you should probably know: mainly that this is a safe space and we welcome everybody here, no matter their faith, colour, creed or life choices. All we ask is you have an open mind and listen to others and look for the best in people - that’s what we do here.

Let me tell you all about how I got here, how I came to the point in my life I wanted to write a blog.
Well I've always liked the idea of writing, even tried it a few times but I always got distracted by life so I thought I'd write about just that, my life. But this blog was mainly kicked off by crochet. In the summer of 2013 I was innocently drinking tea in my sister's house when she says to me "Here, try this." Next thing I know I have a croch…

My weeks in photos

Hi all. It's taken me forever to do a blogpost because life has been busy! There's been crochet (obviously), kids away on school trips, me being ill (again!!!), visitors, organising holidays and housesitters...all very first world problems. But I know you're all desperate to here about what I've been up to so here it is:

We tool our visitors into Toulouse for a little bimble. It was a lovely, easy trip and we found some beautiful side streets and ended up having lunch by a haberdashery and yarn shop. It's like I was drawn to it.

I picked some gooseberries from our bush. The juice didn't get further than this as I fell ill but it is waiting for me in the freezer to do something with. What a wonderful colour!

Oh so much gorgeous nature and beauty around us. It's bloody hot and we're all getting used to sweating (urgh!) but it does produce some wonderful things like cicadas singing in our garden and many, many flowers on our school run.

Yes, one day I had too …

Solace in craft

Cost of living
Language difference
No one answers emails!
Culture differences

That is the list of things that constantly bug me at the moment. Living in a different country is hard, oh so hard some days. Some of them I knew would be hard like culture and language differences. I expected those. But some things are awesome too and this post is more about those. I'm looking on the positive side with my glass half full of some yummy local wine.

The kids are taking it all in their stride. OK I'll be honest - there have been a few wobbles. But on the whole the kids have been awesome. The older two have learnt a whole new language and done it really well. They're basically fluent within eight months and are even helping their poor befuddled parents to translate some days. The little one is really excited about starting maternelle (pre-school) in September and keeps asking if she can go every time we pass the gates. Plus they all love discovering the new things around. …

Bamboo and recycled plastic toothbrushes

Firstly thank you for the love. After my last blogpost I was touched to receive so many messages and comments of love, encouragement and thanks for being honest. I'm glad I could help those who needed it, including myself. Now onward...

Lately I have been thrilled to see so many people on my various social media feeds that are promoting the use of either reusable plastics, non-plastic alternatives or articles relating to the environmental damage plastic causes or the shock articles (which seem to be working) with turtles eating plastic in our oceans etc. I'm thrilled because the awareness is out there. I'd like to say it's all down to me but I've a feeling that its a combination two things: 1. the Blue Planet effect and 2. people are finally starting to listen to those environmentalists who have been shouting this at us for years. Well 3 if you include my campaign ;-)

[caption id="attachment_1912" align="aligncenter" width="721"] A recyc…

When the gremlins come

Lately I've been expressing via social media how my depression is starting to resurface and I want to start by saying thank you. I've received so much support in the form of comments and messages, texts and face-to-face. Somehow it's easier to say things via social media than face-to-face. Do you find that?

Yes, those gremlins are back and they've been fed after midnight so are not cute, soft and fluffy but are green, have big teeth and sing "New York, New York" just when you don't need it! I've tried not feeding them but they only stop singing if I give them chocolate, particularly this lovely dark chunky chocolate with big pieces of candied orange. It's their favourite and they tell me to eat it all the time.

I'm trying to give myself a break. I keep telling myself that it's ok to not be ok. I keep hearing it everywhere and in fact it was the subject of one of my mum discussion groups today. I know I'm hard on myself but it's bette…

Yoga mat bag

So here I am: awake far too late because I'm uncomfortable with yet another endometriosis flare up. My stomach hurts as does my lower back and my hands feel like they're shaking despite the fact they're still as anything. My legs feel like jelly as if all the bones have been removed and my brain can't settle on one thing or another. So I thought I'd write a blogpost until I fall asleep as I can't get into my book and I'm going around in social media circles!

Instead I'm going to tell you all about my yoga mat case/bag. I've had trouble knowing what to call it. I say bag but you might say case. I say potaato and you say potato! I'm going with bag as thats what it is. It has a strap so its a bag. Ok so I only carry it from the corner by the CDs to the rug but thats at least 30 seconds walking! And here is is:

This one is for my sister...if she likes the colour.

Now I do have the pattern written down which I may share at some point but at the moment m…