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What do a Dalek, a rose and a pumpkin have in common?

They are teacher's gifts of course!

This month has been crazy. There has been the usual ramping up towards the end of term with plays and concerts and sports day and watching ballet and all that kind of crazy thing. The kids are tired and there have been colds galore but I am pleased to report that there has also been an awful lot of crochet. I'm making all the teachers end of year gifts. Merida has two teachers and one teaching assistant, that is three presents which are: a Dalek, a rose and a pumpkin. They are all patterns  I really enjoy making, especially the pumpkin, it is so simple. For Finn's teacher we have some daffodils because she likes daffodils (still got to make those yet) and another pumpkin. I have been really enjoying these but my husband keeps telling me I need to stop making gifts for people yet I love it. I love making gifts for people. I feel it's just who I am as a crocheter. But I have to say it would be nice to make something for myself too. Ther…