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My oversized ponchette

As lots of crocheters out there know there is a subscription company called Little Box of Crochet. (I've mentioned them in previous posts). I first found them on Instagram and followed their story as Amanda dealt with the terminal illness of her daughter Jenny (read more here.)

Last year I saw this on their Instagram feed: A Hygge Ponchette. Now all the other designs I'd seen, whilst I admired them and thought they looked lovely, weren't for me. Simply a matter of taste and desire. But then I saw this and thought "I've got to have it!" So I asked Father Christmas/ Père Noël/Santa if I could have it for Christmas and (lucky me!) he said yes!

Now this box they called their first Not-So-Little box of crochet because the yarn was super chunky and there were six balls of it! Basically it was a super chunky, snuggly, cosy, hygge project so couldn't fit into a little box.

When I opened it on Christmas day it was so exciting. I think only fellow crafters can unders…

Tea party in a tent

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. Sometimes it's a minor setback and sometimes not. And some days you just need to give in and have that extra sleep, watch the tv and just be who you are in yourself. Not someone's mum or wife, sister or friend. Not someone who constantly needs to do something for other people but just you being you. Sometimes your brain needs it and sometimes your body does. Some days the hoovering can be ignored. Some days the washing can be left where it is. It's ok to have those days, those days when the most you do is play tea parties with your toddler in her play tent. I truly believe all that. So why do I find it so hard to except for myself?
Rose makes the tea

I have to start admitting to myself that I have a long-term illness which can flare up unexpectedly and throw all my plans out the window. So my plans for today (which were pretty mundane) are now passed over to my husband. I always feel incredibly guilty for this. I see it…

Something for me!

It's a miracle: I've managed to make myself something, a whole garment in fact. It did take a total of 3 years from start to finish because it was always someone's birthday, or Christmas or I had a commission to work on. But finally, after a few wrong turns it is no longer 4 bits of crocheted fabric, it is a jumper. I'm actually wearing it now and love it.

It started life as a few balls of chunky marble yarn. I love this yarn as it has a subtle colour change effect. I've no idea why now but I went with a multi-coloured effect. In all honesty I probably ran out of one colour and had another in my stash. I got the pattern from an issue of Inside Crochet magazine and it's called Jessica Sweater from issue 52. I made it in a bigger size as I am a bigger size and wanted a chunky jumper.

As you can see from the picture above I had to completely redo both the arms. It's been a faff, picking it up randomly after a few months. After one long gap I ended up using the w…