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My oversized ponchette

As lots of crocheters out there know there is a subscription company called Little Box of Crochet. (I've mentioned them in previous posts). I first found them on Instagram and followed their story as Amanda dealt with the terminal illness of her daughter Jenny (read more here.)

Last year I saw this on their Instagram feed: A Hygge Ponchette. Now all the other designs I'd seen, whilst I admired them and thought they looked lovely, weren't for me. Simply a matter of taste and desire. But then I saw this and thought "I've got to have it!" So I asked Father Christmas/ Père Noël/Santa if I could have it for Christmas and (lucky me!) he said yes!

Now this box they called their first Not-So-Little box of crochet because the yarn was super chunky and there were six balls of it! Basically it was a super chunky, snuggly, cosy, hygge project so couldn't fit into a little box.

When I opened it on Christmas day it was so exciting. I think only fellow crafters can unders…

Tea party in a tent


Something for me!

It's a miracle: I've managed to make myself something, a whole garment in fact. It did take a total of 3 years from start to finish because it was always someone's birthday, or Christmas or I had a commission to work on. But finally, after a few wrong turns it is no longer 4 bits of crocheted fabric, it is a jumper. I'm actually wearing it now and love it.

It started life as a few balls of chunky marble yarn. I love this yarn as it has a subtle colour change effect. I've no idea why now but I went with a multi-coloured effect. In all honesty I probably ran out of one colour and had another in my stash. I got the pattern from an issue of Inside Crochet magazine and it's called Jessica Sweater from issue 52. I made it in a bigger size as I am a bigger size and wanted a chunky jumper.

As you can see from the picture above I had to completely redo both the arms. It's been a faff, picking it up randomly after a few months. After one long gap I ended up using the w…