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So what happens now?

Hi all,

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who sent me lovely messages after my post last week. I received so much love from friends and family and strangers alike. What lovely folk you all are! So many people I’ve seen this week have asked how I am and they genuinely mean it, it’s not just a greeting. Also, some people mentioned they had no idea how bad endometriosis can be so I’m glad to enlighten them. Spread the word people. It’s one of many ‘invisible illnesses’ that greatly impact people’s lives. Although I have to say I don’t like the term ‘invisible illness’. I think we all just need to look harder at the smiles that are warn like masks and start to see these illnesses which are so widespread you’ll see many people today who have them.
A comment on my Facebook page left this article. It is a very enlightening read concerning the male bias on medical research and teachings, even today. One quote from a medical professional that I couldn’t quite believe I was reading was “Do mad …

Can you describe it?

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve metnew people, I’ve been asked to explain what endometriosis is like. So I’ve tried explaining it and I don’t do a great job of it. So I’ve decided to write it down so more people can understand what women with this condition need and also perhaps to help other get diagnosed. It took me over 15 years from my first flare-up before I was diagnosed. I don’t want others to wait as long as I have and go through endless scans (which don’t show endometriosis) and being told the only thing to help it the pill. 
I’m frequently asked by the medical profession to describe it. Very often I’m met with an unsympathetic response and a misunderstanding of the pain I’m in every single day. There’s still a belief in the medical community (in my experience) that if you’ve been lucky enough to have borne children then it can’t be that bad. The condition does cause infertility and, until recently, that was why the diagnosis came about. But now far more is known so why are t…

The C word

Yes, Christmas is coming. It’s now November and the trees are dropping their leaves, the nights are getting colder and the sunshine is sought out for its warmth. I’ve never had an autumn like we are having here. It’s still reaching temperatures of 20°C at the moment! It’s unseasonably warm (we have been reliably informed by those who know this climate better) but next week it drops more. And there’s definitely a chill in the air. We are looking forward to finding some time to get out and explore the autumnal scenery we have around us. We’ve not been able to yet due to commitments and the whole family suffering with a virus and one case of streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat). But plans are afoot. We’ve given in and are getting a car. With my energy issues and other commitments for everyone is just makes sense. I had to take my ill daughter to a doctor the other side of the city on the subway the other day which was not ideal as she was the one suffering with strep throat. I’m so g…

The complications of eating

Hi lovelies, how was your week? Mine was lovely, but busy. After having the big kids off school last week it was the little one’s turn this week. We did lots of chilling after doing the early morning school bus run. We went to friends for a play date/ crochet and chatting (age dependant). We made some Halloween cookies and oat bar bakes. Of course they were full of food colouring to give them the Halloween twist! I honestly have no idea what’s in the food colouring in his country but I wonder how good it can be if the colour is quite so vibrant! It makes me suspicious. Japan doesn’t have to list every ingredient like in the E.U. This food colouring is brilliant though. It comes in a powder form which you mix with water to the strength required. For the crazy colours that seem to represent Halloween baking it’s perfect.

So these aren’t as bad as they look. The green monster cookies are just vanilla cookies with rainbow sprinkles. The oaty Jack O’ Lantern bake is actually quite healthy. …