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So many changing colours already and it's only September. It's seems like autumn has hit bam! But summer keeps throwing a few days of sunshine our way to tease us.

Here are some photos I took on a recent dog walk. I was so surprised to see leaves turning already and conkers becoming fat and getting ready to fall. Even the dog has taken shelter!

Now. Of this should be a surprise though. Summer does trickle into autumn which I actually quite like.

I took these photos whilst at my parent's house one weekend. My mums garden is beautiful.

I love all the colours that can be seen from the garden here. So many shades of green as well as the evolving reds and browns which gently and quietly invade and take over. It's so inspiring and that's why I love nature. It holds so much power and beauty and we can't stop the change in the seasons even if we wanted to.
Plus their dog is a little hardier than mine!

Below is a picture of a patchwork my mum made years ago. It represents the…