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The Avengers assembled

My next gift instalment is:

The Avengers

Merida and Finn love the Avengers, in fact we all do. Frank and I are big fans of the films. Now whilst the kids are still too young to see the films (in my opinion) we've shown them appropriate snippets. For Christmas (yes, it's taken a while to write this blog) I created an Iron Man (for Finn to add to his Hulk, Captain America and Thor he got for his birthday) and Black Widow which they'd both asked for. Their obsession has since grown due to other Christmas gifts of the Avengers comics and a cartoon TV series. You can see this from Finn's artwork below.

Finn's artistic interpretation of Iron Man

I got the pattern on Ravelry from the site Over the Bifrost. I adapted them from this pattern. I chose this pattern because I like the different proportions to a lot of other amigurumi I've seen. The only difference I made was the hair. I wasn't very good at the hair in the pattern (Thor has bald patches) so I looked up other…

Wading on through

On my Lordy I'm pooped. After weeks of crazy, crochet present making, fulfilling orders and looking after two sick children I am done in.

Both my girls have been poorly in the last couple of weeks and that's been tough. The needs of an 8 year old and a 6 month old are usually very different but when it comes to being ill they're strangely similar! So I've been running round seeing to the usual infant needs plus cleaning up sick (the joys), remembering the next dose of antibiotics or paracetamol, cooking comfort foods for Merida whilst comfort feeding Rose and all the while not managing a hot drink all day. By the evening I've been so tired I've just flopped on the sofa. Poor Finn and Frank and the dogs have all pretty uch fended for themselves, though the boys in particular are very capable so I'm not too worried. And Spring has helped. We may have been confined to the sofa but the sunshine streaming in the window has cheered us all and even helped getting s…