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Hydra and Greek Princess costumes

Life has been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to write anything on my slightly neglected blog. I've been busy creating for various family members but also (and most importantly) I've been busy parenting. With half-term and children's social calendars full let alone my husband away on business, it's been difficult to think once they're asleep, let alone write!

But hubby is back ("yay" for reinforcements) and we're settling back in to school routine after a mental start to the term. School decided to celebrate the start of the Olympics and the last term of the school year with a bang- Ancient Greek Day! I knew this was coming before half-term began but due to several social engagements I also knew I wouldn't start it before the last weekend of the holiday. This was nearly my downfall.

Now those of you who've read my sewing entries before will know full well that my sewing skill is often outmatched by my ambition.

Merida's costume…