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Solace in craft

Cost of living
Language difference
No one answers emails!
Culture differences
That is the list of things that constantly bug me at the moment. Living in a different country is hard, oh so hard some days. Some of them I knew would be hard like culture and language differences. I expected those. But some things are awesome too and this post is more about those. I'm looking on the positive side with my glass half full of some yummy local wine.

The kids are taking it all in their stride. OK I'll be honest - there have been a few wobbles. But on the whole the kids have been awesome. The older two have learnt a whole new language and done it really well. They're basically fluent within eight months and are even helping their poor befuddled parents to translate some days. The little one is really excited about starting maternelle (pre-school) in September and keeps asking if she can go every time we pass the gates. Plus they all love discovering the new things around. …