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Crafting and lists

Sometimes there are things that wind everybody up and there's nothing you can do about it. The whole family is feeling it at the moment. The big move. That move to France. I said to my best friend the other day were not allowed to start crying now where only allowed to start crying in August. Did I keep that promise? No, no I didn't. It's one of the hardest promises I've ever had to keep. And it's not even August yet!

I feel the tears well up every time I have to say goodbye to somebody else. Already things have ended for the children, various clubs that they do. Each time was a little harder than the one before. The kids are showing their love and strength of character in every single thank you card they write. And even as I write this now I can feel the lump in my throat. There are so many goodbyes. Goodbyes that you don't even think about. The people that you take for granted and assume you're going to see again. Every day people. Like the teachers at sch…

Crochet to calm the day

With so much going on lately I've not done as much crochet as I've wanted. This happens periodically so is of no great surprise. But what I have noticed is when I do sit down and get my hooks and yarn out I feel so much calmer. My brain still has lists running through it that nothing will quiet but it's quieter in there, I can feel it.

So many articles and books have been written about the proven effects of crocheting or knitting when stressed. There are many you can read. I'm not here today to repeat those facts, I'm here to tell you my experience. It's a personal look into crochet keeping me sane! I find when my brain is super busy and it feels like there are hundreds of people rushing around in there, making lists and running errands, I have two options: really easy don't-have-to-think crochet or complicated-all-consuming-brain-has-to-focus-on-just-that crochet. What's included in those two categories is my personal opinion as it reflects how my brain…