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Sleep and sheep

It's been a tough couple of weeks here in Frank and Josie's house. After our wonderful French holiday we are not only exhausted, but we have brought a cold home with us from France. Not the kind of souvenir I would normally aim to bring home! It's been a horrible cold too, real painful stuff. Headaches, runny noses, sore throats and lots of frayed tempers. (Calpol sponsorship anyone?) On top of that we've not had enough sleep because of it. It's been one grumpy household.

We also missed a weekend away because of it. I missed a rehearsal and a small gig I was supposed to do as my throat was so sore that I could hardly eat let along sing! Plus the weather turned into rain, lots and lots of rain. At least it was appropriate weather to hide under a blanket. (I'd love to say it was a blanket I'd crocheted myself but it wasn't).

Despite it all we've managed to get on with life. The dogs have been walked and meals have been cooked and eaten. Lots of films ha…


I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my boy to finish at a birthday party and I'm listening (almost unwillingly) to Sting on the stereo and I'm surrounded by signs like these:

As someone who is busy working on her own branding and wanting to make a (currently very droll) on-line shop a success it makes me think. Signs like these are almost iconic these days, as is proven by a coffee shop using them in it's decor. So how does one design a brand that will compete?

 Well I've come to the conclusion that without a team of marketing people and a fair whack of money you simply don't. This is not to be negative, just honest. How can little old me compete with the likes of Cadbury or Martini? Luckily I don't need to as they are nothing to do with crochet (even if both are consumed in the making process) The best I can do as a very small starter business (with limited time to dedicate to it) is be myself. I read this in Mollie Makes (I think). 

But the bi…

X-Wing fighter blanket

I made this for Finn for his 7th birthday recently. It's a ridiculous present for a summer birthday but he still insisted on trying it out despite obvious overheating! It's made with a 16mm hook and two stands of super chunky wool for the most part. I had to limit his time in it but luckily his birthday want too warm.

I found this patternand knew I had to get it not only for Finn but for the several adults I knew who would like it!

It was a nicely written pattern but at times it's a bit simple. Obviously it's written to the point with no mucking about, but occasionally I like to be reassured I'm doing the right thing! I like patterns that tell you everything every time and this doesn't. It's all written correctly, don't get me wrong but I just like that extra bit. Perhaps I'm an insecure crocheter. The only time the pattern didn't make sense was when I found myself having done too many rows in the body section and I was on the wrong wing. I ended …

Daffodils, pumpkins, a rose and a Dalek

I thought after my post about teachers gifts I would add some new some photos of the finished articles with some details/links of the patterns used etc.

The Rose

This was one the first gifts I ever made someone and I love it for its familiarity to me. The pattern is from The Crochet Bible. It's made in one long row forming several petals and then wrapped up to form the rose shape.

The Dalek 

This was a free pattern from Lucy Ravenscar. It's quite hard work as some bits of it are very fiddly but your know me, I'm like that with most amigurami. It's a great gift to give though as the receiver always appreciates it.

The Pumpkin

As you can see from the pictures this is a pattern form an old issue (57) of Inside Crochet magazine. It's a really great pattern by Nicky Trench and it can be found in her book Super Scary Crochet. This is made in rows and then stitched together. I love it because I find it simple and a great make to do.

The Daffodils

These were the hardest pattern to…

From fields of sunflowers to the grindstone

Hi all. We're back from our lovely French holiday and now need another holiday to recover. I've returned inspired and full of ideas which I must write down before they escape from my brain due to all the wine and cheese we brought back!

I felt artistic whilst abroad and was really looking at the landscape with an artists eye and taking lots of pretty pics...either that or I was too pickled to realise I was the only person who thought my photos looked good! Here are some that I personally love.

How could you not be inspired by this amazing landmark? And the beauty of its design and shape along with the views it generously gives and....well, just wow! I was the only member of my family to have been to this beauty before but that was 20 years ago and seeing everyone else's awe brought mine flooding back. This was Merida's choice of a day out and she (along with all of us) loved it.For his birthday treat Finn had requested "a day on a sunny beach". So to honour thi…