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Waste of yarn?

A few weeks ago I saw an article on Facebook about a crochet onesie for a man. My initial reaction was one of high amusement as it was very retro and there are only a few men in this world who would be brave enough, let alone able, to pull it off. Most of the men that sprang to mind when thinking who this would suit were rock stars.

People started commenting on the article (here's the link if you're interested:
Crochet onesie for men) and at first most, such as myself, were amused but a few people didn't find it funny and in fact one even commented that it was a waste of yarn and time. Someone replied that we shouldn't stifle others creativity and if one decided to dedicate their time and yarn stocks to this project who are we to stop them? I have to say I agreed with the latter.

In my brief crocheter's experience I've come across many patterns that I personally found ludicrous e.g. a men's tie, a lamp shade, a dog lead! But I never once thought of writing to …

Merida's cardigan

For Merida's birthday she asked for me to make her a jumper. I'd never crocheted a jumper before, let alone one for a child, but I thought “that will be easy.” I'd bought some wool in Scotland over the summer which was a nice super chunky Sirdar Indie in pink, red and indigo. I looked for a pattern but I couldn't find one that was very....well Merida!!

I made a radical decision and found a pattern which was a child's cardigan, but for a much younger child. I'm an addict of Inside Crochet magazine so searched through my stash to find a suitable pattern. I came across a pattern for a child from 6 months to 2 years which is a bolero style cardigan made in a light 4ply wool for a summer garment. Because Merida is a January baby and I had the super chunky wool I decided this would work well, producing a much thicker winter jumper. I then applied a lot of carefully calculated measurements to make sure it would fit.....ok that's not true. Aware I was running out of…