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Juggling balls of wool and dirty nappies

The Yarn family was very pleased to welcome our new addition into our folds a month ago. Now I'm learning that it's not easy to knuckle down to hook a crochet project whilst attending to the needs of a newborn baby and two older children! Yes, my new baby, Rose, joined us at the beginning of October and since I've been trying to crochet her some booties. When my other two children were born I didn't crochet so this is a new juggling act for me. I joked when Rose was three days old that I hoped to finish the booties before she grew out of them. Unfortunately that didn't happen!!

Somehow I made the first pair disastrously misfigured. I went wrong and had to unpick several times. Apparently I can't count or follow a pattern when I'm tired. Finally I got one bootie right, then started the next one but used the wrong sized hook and made an odd pair. "Good grief woman" I thought, "you can crochet in your sleep. What are you doing?!" Baby brain …