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Thank crochet it’s Friday

Yesterday I felt miserable. In fact all week has been hard. My older kids have had half term holidays and of course that’s when a bad bout of pain decided to strike. They have wanted some entertaining but also chill time. A friend took them one day, they played with the youngest another but for some of the time I had to get myself moving and that wasn’t easy. Sometimes it’s just willpower. Sometimes it’s willpower combined with painkillers. I saw a quote yesterday from someone on a chronic illness page that summed it up: “You don’t know how strong you are until you need to be.” That feels so true. My husband has recently been promoted which is absolutely awesome and 100% deserved. This means he has more responsibility and some days has long hours. He tries to come home at a reasonable time but it’s not always possible. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, eh? Due to this I’ve tried to be even stronger than usual. I want him to have the head-space he needs for his new job. I want hi…

There’s a dragon in the pumpkin patch

Her she’s is - meet Bluey (as my daughter named her and quite right too as it’s her toy).

It’s always lovely when something you make for a present it appreciated, even more so when when it’s enthusiastically received. Our youngest, on her birthday a few days ago, walked into the dining room (we always display presents in a box with the cake outside and whatever I made sitting next to the cake) to be greeted by her gifts and the first thing she said was “Yay, my dragon!”. Now that’s the type of reaction you want. The dragon (later named Rainbowey, then changed to Bluey but most definitely declared a girl) then sat next to our little munchkin whilst she opened her cards and presents. After which the little dragon had to come to Legoland with us on our adventures. So she did. I managed to convince the birthday girl to leave the dragon in her bag for the dragon rollercoaster. “But she’s a dragon and can fly and will love it.” All valid points. Instead Bluey watched from the sidelines and f…