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Slippers and ill health

Well it's been a couple of weeks my lovelies and it's all been happening! There's been yarn shortages for Christmas projects and colds and jumpers for dogs and slippers for me and more. It's been a busy couple of weeks!

Firstly the grownups have been suffering with illness. Luckily we took it in turns so at least one of us could feed the dependents and walk the dogs. Also, for me, this means lots of time to crochet. So I've been busy starting on Christmas and birthday presents, making the dog a jumper and starting him a coat (more in another post) and making me some slippers.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="aligncenter" width="654"] He's nice and cosy[/caption]

He wasn't sure about the jumper at first as I'm sure he wondered what I was doing to him. But now he actually comes and asks for it to be put on and runs at us when we hold it up for him! It's nice to have my work appreciated.

What else has been occurring I hear…

Turtle, turtle, turtle

Finally its finished! Regular followers of my Instagram feed will have seen increased activity in the African flower crochet side of things over the last two months. I decided (just as we were moving) to crochet my youngest a turtle for her birthday in October. Now, Rose loves turtles. Her obsession started with her favourite song about a turtle called Tiny Tim who has an unfortunate incident in the bath and eats all the soap. Although how Rose sings this is "Turtle, turtle, turtle. Turtle, turtle, swim! Turtle, turtle, soap!" It's got the cuteness only a 2 year old can get away with.

Anyway she's been increasing her stuffed toy turtle collection over the past few months and I thought I'd add to it with a wonderful design from Heidi Bears Design. Now this talented designer uses the African flower motif (see picture below of some of the motifs) in most of her designs and it creates a wonderful array of patterns. From dinosaurs to owls and camels to teddy bears this…

Clover weaving machine