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Running up curtains

No, I've not turned into a kitten with a fondness for soft furnishing mountaineering. I've not done a sewing blog post for ages so thought I should, especially as I made a curtain yesterday.

It was a completely impromptu make due to the scaffolders. Yesterday I returned home from a nice dog walk on the beach with the kids to find that as I sat on the toilet I could hear the scaffolders directly outside the bathroom window. Eek!!! I had to hope they were facing the other way as I hurriedly finished and escaped with some possible dignity intact.

At that momemnt I dived into my sewing drawers, dragged out some material, dusted off my sewing machine and set to work. In just over an hour I had finished my new bathroom curtain. No more showing workmen my backside intentionally or otherwise!!!

It was all quite simple as I wanted the curtain to let light through so I decided not to line it. So it was just one layer of material with some tabs to hang from. I chose this pretty flower fabri…

Stitching back together

Since my last post I have been truly humbled by the lovely messages and comments I've received, not only from those going through such a thing as myself but those who want to support myself and others during depression. I want to say thank you. Thank you for the messages for love. Thank you for the messages of support. And thank you for understanding.

It's difficult to know where to go from here. Such a reaction to a personal blog post has made me wonder what I want my blog to be about. I always thought a crochet blog should just be about crochet but it seems the blogging world isn't as simple as I'd thought.

[caption width="720" id="attachment_1216" align="alignnone"] A little craft goes a long way[/caption]
I read many crafting blogs that express an element of life too, in fact some of them are more about life than the crafting and those are the blogs I enjoy reading most. So what does it matter? It's my blog and my outlet so I can writ…