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Baby star mobile

So baby's room was all finished. The lighting, bunting, curtains (freshly sewn by my own hands!), cushions (also recovered by me), cot, random crochet baskets etc all installed and ready to go. But something was missing. Then I realised  we didn't have a mobile. "Time to crochet" I thought.

The room had all been done to a theme of stars which developed once my older children got involved into the moon and sun as well. Generally it was the celestial heavens! So I chose to focus on stars as I love hooking them.

I went for two patterns. One a granny star which can be found here and another a simpler shaped classic star which you can find the pattern for here.

I used three different sized yarns: a 4ply, a double knit and what I can only describe as a silver thread yarn which is bigger than double knit but not as big as aran! From these I got three different sizes and used 5 different colours which is the variation I wanted. After I'd hooked the stars to the end of the p…

My shop is finally open

Ok so it doesn't have much in it but my Etsy shop is finally open and ready for business. I'm so thrilled. It's taken over eighteen months due to illness, family life no general indecisiveness over what to sell but it's now up and running.

It's not the best timing ever I admit as my new baby is due soon (today on the day of publishing!) but as it's taken so long I thought why not?! And now it's finally here I can't quite believe it. My mind is whirring with all the things I can sell and my hands shall soon be smoking with how fast I shall will them to work in order to get my goods out there for others to buy.

Some of my friends and lots of my family have really eon outraged me in this. If I'm honest I had a crisis of confidence and put it off for a while, times of procrastination are now behind me and I shall make and make and make. At some point I may sell some mor advanced patterns too but for now I want to keep them free.

Here is the link to my now …

Bristol Wool Fair 2015

Yesterday my mother, Polly, and I were lucky enough to attend the Bristol Wool Fair and what a delightful event it was too! Upon arriving at Washingpool Farm (just a few minutes drive from the M5) we weren't quite sure what to expect. Everyone who greeted us was lovely and friendly although their was a slight air of disorganisation but as this was only the second year of this event the organisers can be forgiven this small floor (especially as the core team is only three!) The programme only costs £1 and there is so much information in it it is well worth the investment. Plus there are three free patterns included (one crochet and two knitting).

Trade stalls

We were immediately struck by the array of colourful yarns as soon as we entered the first exhibition barn named Kerry for this event, and couldn't resist a look around all these tempting trade stalls.

We were warmly invited to touch all the luxury wools at Native Yarns with the stall holder saying "you can't touch t…

T-shirt yarn

I have a new obsession: creating lovely things out of recycled t-shirts! How did I not know of this before?! I love recycling, I truly believe it's the only way to give our kids the best world in the future, so I've evolved from chucking my plastic bottles in the green box to using old t-shirts as yarn. One day maybe I'll be brave enough to use the plastic bottles to crochet with there a big enough hook?!?! Also, I'm a  fan of the 'make do and mend' initiative that is best known for taking off during the 2nd World War. I never just chuck out clothes because they no longer fit or have developed a hole. My sewing drawers are full of clothes my family would like back (minus holes) one day. So when I saw a pattern in Inside Crochet magazine this month for baskets made out of t-shirt yarn I immediately looked up how to make my own.

I found two helpful instructive blogs on the subject (thanks to Pinterest) here and here. Both said use t-shirts without seams.…

Bristol Wool Fair

This year I'm very excited to be blogging forBristol Wool Fair as it looks to new heights this year. There's not only the usual traders you would expect at this event, selling their wares whether it's wool by the cart load or beautiful examples of fine craftsmanship, but also falconry displays, a Viking encampment, an auction and a Harvest Supper. Of interest to crafters may be several workshops which are running including dye your own yarn, soap making and colour work in crochet.

Tickets are £8 per day or £12 for all three days of the event. The harvest supper and workshops cost extra. Children under 16 go free with a paying adult.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what the organisers have to say:

Plans for the 2015 Bristol Wool Fair are moving up a gear now. This year sees us at our new venue, Washing Pool Farm near Cribbs Causeway, with more to see and do, but with a reduction in ticket prices. There is even free parking!

Last year's favourites, the duc…