Baby star mobile

So baby's room was all finished. The lighting, bunting, curtains (freshly sewn by my own hands!), cushions (also recovered by me), cot, random crochet baskets etc all installed and ready to go. But something was missing. Then I realised  we didn't have a mobile. "Time to crochet" I thought.

The room had all been done to a theme of stars which developed once my older children got involved into the moon and sun as well. Generally it was the celestial heavens! So I chose to focus on stars as I love hooking them.

I went for two patterns. One a granny star which can be found here and another a simpler shaped classic star which you can find the pattern for here.

I used three different sized yarns: a 4ply, a double knit and what I can only describe as a silver thread yarn which is bigger than double knit but not as big as aran! From these I got three different sizes and used 5 different colours which is the variation I wanted. After I'd hooked the stars to the end of the pattern I either slip stitched my way to a point or simply worked from where I was and then created a chain with a long tail before fastening off. The result is my selection below.

Then came the question of how to attach them together. I had in my head the idea of a cross you find on the top of a marionette's strings. The only sticks I had available where bamboo and as these had lived out in the garden for a while they weren't looking too pretty. I selected the most similar in size and chopped off two bits. (I then was informed by Merida that she'd been using that particular bamboo came as a staff-oops!)

So how to make them pretty? Crochet of course! I then took a nice chunky blue yarn with flecks of white. This reflected all my colours so far. I crocheted a simple 5 stitch tube which fit neatly around each piece of cane. Then I slotted the cane inside the tubes and sewed up the ends. VoilĂ ! Pretty canes. 

Next I tied the two canes in a cross using the same yarn I had to cover them. I did a simple figure of eight around the canes to make sure they secured in an even fashion. Next I tied on my stars as I wanted them with the big silver one in the middle. I trimmed the excess tails and was almost happy. The tie for the centre didn't look right. I had created a big loop intending to hang this on the cup hook I was to suspend the mobile from but it looked messy. I had three pieces of yarn so I decided to plait them together and this worked nicely and created a good balance in the centre. 

Now to hang it in the right place.