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Big Hook Crochet by Emma Friedlander-Collins

For my sister's birthday I decided to make her something chunky and fun so I made her this big, textured cushion.

The pattern came from Emma Friedlander-Collins book Big Hook Crochet

You may have heard of Emma from her Steel and Stitch blog. Well, this book emerged from her love of big hook crochet. She got her first hook by asking her husband to make her one and he did with the end of a broom handle!

The patterns inside are easy to follow and mostly simple pattern repeats, well the ones I've tried anyway!

They're great stash-busting patterns too. Most patterns use 5 - 8 strands of yarn in various sizes.

I've been trying to make myself some slippers or house boots (as Emma calls them) from this book but I've run out of yarn and can't find a replacement so one boot sits on my crochet box and looks lonely. 

However, I have completed two patterns successfully from this book without running out of yarn.

The first was a pair of slippers for my friend. These were really l…

Yarn Love Challenge - part 2

Here's more of my #yarnlovechallenge story. Photos below descriptions.

Day fifteen: family

This picture really captures my family in our essence. I took this from the turrets of Chepstow castle looking down on my picnicking family and dogs plus the dragon we'd come to see. It was a fun day out. We love picnics, dragons, the outdoors and our dogs so all things are included in this shot. 

I couldn't find an existing picture with my sister and parents in. Although my family has evolved and my children and husband are my family, I very much think of my parents and siblings when I think of family. Clearly, more big family photos are needed on our next meet up.

Day sixteen: happy colour 

Well in case you can't guess from lots of posts it's purple and green. Love this colour combo so much I'm actually wearing purple and green! 

This is my pile of blankets and my current favourite ball of yarn. Purple and squishy = perfect.

Day seventeen: fibre friends.

Here are my drawers ful…

Yarn Love Challenge - part 1

If anyone is on Instagram they may have seen the #yarnlovechallenge that's been happening throughout February. I have loved it. I've loved taking part and I've loved looking at other people's posts. It's been great. So I thought I'd bore you all...I mean show you all what I've shared as my yarn love challenge. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only blogger doing this but I had fun so want to share.

Also, so this isn't the longest blog in history, I'm splitting it in two. 28 entries with explanations could go on a bit!

This whole thing has been great for getting to know just a little more about the people we follow in pictures on a daily basis. Some I found really hard and some were easy. See if you can spot which is which. Here's my yarn love challenge (pictures below the description).

Day one: introductions. 

Introducing me!

My name is Josie and I'm a crochet addict. I love taking (supposedly artistic) selfies and enjoy a good amount of self-d…