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Rainy day thoughts

It's a miserable rainy day here. After a couple of weeks of really nice weather it's a bit of a shock to get out the big thick jumpers again. The Jessica jumper has reemerged which is a surprise as I didn't expect to see it again for a few months. Cold drinks have gone away in favour of a nice hot beverage (mocha anyone?) and sun cream has been replaced by raincoats. I know it's only temporary but it's put me in a contemplative mood.

I'm trying to figure out what's going on with me. Now so much recently has been on the physical symptoms that I've not paid much attention to my head. Thoughts have gone unanswered or written down to be acted on another time. So now I'm addressing those. Why do you come in to this, dear reader? Well because one of the things I'm contemplating is whether I want to continue this blog or not. I started this as a blog for crochet and life but recently I've not felt the motivation. I have two crochet projects I want t…

Home made net

The last couple of days have been beautiful here. It's been gradually turning to spring but yesterday the paddling pool came out....and we discovered something had tried to eat it! So we popped to the shop and I persuaded the kids we only need a little paddling pool for now as opposed to the massive actual pool-sized pools. We have a patch of sand in our garden where a big pool was before. A perfect sunny spot for our little pool so on it went, we filled it up (unfortunately our hose didn't reach so buckets it was) and in got the kids...and so did lots of the sand and various other bit and bobs. The kids asked for a net. We don't have a net so we used the sieve. Not the most hygienic thing ever.

Today when the kids wanted to jump back in they had to fish out the insects first. They did well but I was beginning to realise only a net would do. Now on Sundays in France the shops are closed so I improvised. You know those bath puffs that are made out of lots of squashed up net?…

Looking at the world around me

Hi all. I was tempted to start with post with an apology for not posting the last couple of weeks and then realised it was unnecessary. You are an understanding lot and won't mind that. Especially when I tell you it's been busy as we've had visitors but also I've been suffering with my endometriosis symptoms these last couple of weeks. It's difficult having a toddler and permanent back pain plus fatigue. But it was worth struggling through to see my sister and her family.

I'm close to my sister so it was important that she and her family visit us here. We've gone from living 70 miles and one and a half hours away to 500 miles and a one and half hour flight. A slight difference. She also suffers from a long-term illness so at times we became “old women”. and sat on the sofa chatting with knitting needles in hand...well she knitted and I crocheted but that doesn't read as well.

We had a lovely week with them. It was U.K. Easter holidays but not French Easte…