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Finding a way through

I've recently been affected by some news I heard through Inside Crochet magazine's Facebook page. A well-known crocheter died, but she didn't die of natural causes. She killed herself. Here's the news as I read it  After years of blogging and writing about how crochet has helped her with her depression it finally became too much for her to bear and she took her own life. She was known as Wink. Here is the link to her blog  A creative being

I didn't know her and only knew of her in passing so why am I so affected by this? Well I suffer from depression. I don't make a secret of it but I don't shout it from the rooftops either. I've written about the therapy of crafting before and how crochet really helps me through tough times. I've hooked one of the mandalas that Wink is famous for and it's living in my house to serve as a reminder that I am currently finding my way through.

Why has this struck such a chord now? Last year I lost a baby and recently…