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In a tangle

I confess I hate itchy wool. Some might say I'm in the wrong business but I say I'm sure there's a way I can change the itchiness. Recently I tried this by following a suggestion on Pinterest. The results were interesting.

So I had been given this brilliant wool by my sister. It was super chunky and great for a blanket of some kind, wonderfully colourful but superbly itchy. The suggestion I followed was to loosen the ball of wool, wash it on a delicates wash in a laundry bag and then tumble dry it. I was dubious about the last bit because the ball band said not to tumble dry. However, I was brave and gave it a go on a delicate setting which I'm lucky enough to have on my tumble dryer.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="3000"] The wool before the treatment and in preperation for the wash[/caption]

I followed the instructions to the letter expecting a beautiful fluffy wool to appear by the end. Instead two things happened: the wool didn…