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Like a hot child next to a cool swimming pool I'm going to dive right in: we're moving to France! A little while ago I blogged about change gonna come and it's taken ages to finalise but it's now official. I'm excited and terrified. Last year we visited France on holiday and loved it. Ever since the referendum we've been talking about how the time for such an adventure is now, whilst it's easier to move within the EU but also the kids are the right age. If we leave it later it'll be difficult as the kids will be near the end of primary school.

My head is realing with lists of what to do, who to phone, what memberships to cancel. I mean, what do I do with the points on my Boots card?! Should I worry about buying the right suncream for my sensitive skinned children? I know France is a civilised country and has suncream so surely worries like that are ridiculous.

Then there's the biggie: the language difference. I can speak some French, enough to order i…

Clover Amour small hooks

Well I've finally gotten around to writing part 2 of my Clover hooks etc review. It's taken a while but we went to lovely Tuscany for a week and I was recovering from an operation etc etc (to be covered in another post). Actually some of the hooks I tested whilst in hospital or Tuscany. I'm such a workaholic!! (Insert winking/sarcastic emoticon here).

After my last post about these Clover Amour hooks I got a little bored of coasters and then had to try and make something of them as we had too many cluttering up our coffee table and every available surface. I am still attempting to alter some and make them into, at least part of, a blanket. Who knows if my hair brained scheme will work and it's so long now since I've looked at them that I'm not sure I've written enough details down so it's probably going to go hideously wrong. Don't worry, if it does I'll show you the pictures. Crochet gone wrong is always funny, frustrating too, but when it's…

Flowers for Jenny

This is one of those blog posts that I just don't know how to start. I want to tell you about two amazing women: Amanda and her daughter Jenny. Two weeks ago Jenny died of a brain tumour. She was just 19. She had fought and fought so bravely for so many years with her mum by her side.

I'm not going to tell you their story third hand when Amanda writes about it so beautifully. You can find their story here at Little Box of Crochet but also if you follow them on Instagram here  you get the full picture. 

So if I'm not telling their story what do I want to say? I want to say thank you to Amanda and Jenny. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and heartbreaking story. I wish I could have found a way to keep you two together and let Jenny live a full life, but those powers are beyond me. To share such an intimate story so publicly is such a wonderful and brave thing to do. I feel honoured to have shared part of your journey. You have both touched so many lives and the messages of …