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The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting

I'm going to get straight to the point -  I love this book. It was given to me for Christmas 2013 by the same sister who gave me the crochet bug, I think because she saw how I was struggling with making my own patterns and thought I needed a little guidance. How right she was!

Sue Whiting has set out the book beautifully. The diagrams are clear and the photographs of finished projects help immensely. This book taught me how to read patterns and symbols, use the right yarn for the right project and have faith in my ability.

Whiting starts of by explaining the very basics of the crochet craft: hook size, the different yarns available, basic techniques and stitches. From page 15 she inspires the reader to make a cardigan using simple stitches which I initially thought was mad, but having read further I understand why as she has simply given you what you need from the off.

The diagrams are used to great effect, taking you step-by-step through everything from double crochet to bobbles and…

I've arrived!

How exciting to be here. To think just over eighteen months ago I first picked up a crochet hook and wow! did that learning curve go through the roof. It's all my sister's fault I'm here. She said she thought I'd  like crochet and little did she know the monster she would create. I am now obsessed with crochet. As I examine everything crochet I have found my appreciation has changed from "Oh that's pretty!" to "How did they make that?" It's everywhere from Bond girl hats to baby blankets.

I've learnt a lot in eighteen months. I've advanced from knowing three stitches to suddenly understanding the criptic language of codes and symbols. (What the hell does dc2tog mean?!)

But it's not all crochet. My mum introduced me to sewing shortly before crochet took over my world (yes, my learning curve in 2013 went through the roof). Suddenly I find myself in a crafters world and I like it here, I think I'll stay.

I'm pleased with my com…