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Looking to nature

How many of us looked to the sky today? And why? Because there was a partial solar eclipse. Isn't it interesting that most days we ignore what's happening in the sky unless it's a beautiful sunny day or tipping down with rain. Yet today there were millions of us looking up because we wanted to be a witness to this celestial occurrence. This morning the kids were sent off to school with their cereal boxes with holes cut in and bits of white paper stuck on so they could witness the eclipse safely. I hope they saw it and enjoyed the magic of it.

Did anyone notice how the birds changed during the eclipse? In my garden the birdsong grew very loud and almost agitated or excited. My dogs behaviour changed. One of my dogs seeks comfort by sitting on your feet or between your legs. He sat down, squeezing himself into the non-existent gap between my legs, and looked out. I couldn't help feeling that this canine member of my family was protecting me, whilst seeking protection hims…

Toothless and Hermione

How I created Toothless and Hermione costumes

There's a certain smugness about me today. Entering the school grounds with both my children in costumes that I created made me feel really good and serves to remind me why, when I'm stressed about it in the future, I do it. Because they love having something created by mummy and it makes me feel like I've done my 'good mummy deed' of the month....oh and I actually really enjoy letting my inner child loose to create these costumes.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1832"] Toothless prepares for take off[/caption]

If I'm honest sewing isn't my forte. In fact I think I'm rubbish at it, but I've been on somewhat of a voyage of discovery throughout these particular creations and have come to the conclusion that I am not rubbish at sewing, just rubbish at following a pattern. Ask me to sew a pinafore dress or a pair of pyjamas to a pattern and something won't fit right. Bu…

The therapy of crafting

The last couple of weeks I've been ill. No beating around the bush. As a friend said I had a proper illness and wasn't just tired from overdoing it. I had laryngitis. Doesn't sound like much after that build up but it's actually a very demoralising 'itis', especially when one of the loves in your life is singing. With laryngitis there's a risk of really damaging your voice if you sing too soon so I've absconded, and it's really affected me! I thought "I'll turn to crochet instead. That'll cheer me up". But I have felt so exhausted I couldn't even lift my hook!The lovely Frank has seen me through, constantly reminding me how I'm allowed to be ill (but only occasionally) and I have to let my body recover. I'm not a very patient person so have needed to be told this daily. Poor Frank! Friends and family have been lovely too. I've been presented with lovely 'cheer up' gifts - a beautiful painting from Merida, fl…