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Flower hairband

I am thrilled to finally share my first design, transcribed into a pattern for free so you budding crocheters can make one too.

It's taken longer than I'd wanted in the making and transcribing but simply because life kept me busy. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. My beautiful Merida is a lovely model, whose head measures 52 cms and there's a good amount of stretch in the pattern so could fit larger children or smaller adults if they fancy it. If you wish to make it bigger simply add more flowers.

If you wish to have the pattern as a pdf then please email me at wrapthekidsincrochet[at] or through my contact or Facebook pages.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2387"] smaller flowers make up most of the hairband[/caption]


Notes: This pattern is worked in rounds. If you like use a round marker (a small piece of alternate coloured wool will do) but I didn't as the end of the rounds seem obvious to me.


To sing or stitch?

These last couple of months, whilst being fun have been incredibly busy. Not only have I been in an opera for a week's run but I've had a small gig with my a capella group. And it's not over yet. I have another two gigs coming up (these two our main concerts of the year) and I'm directing an opera too! Oh and all this whilst keeping the house in order (which has gone to the dogs a bit lately) and remembering to pick up the kids from school (so far so good) oh yes, and growing a baby!

I'm having one of those moments that I'm sure a lot of self-employed have of working out the balance between all the threads. My lovely Frank keeps reminding me that it's likely most self-employed people don't have so many different aspects in their life. Most of the people I know do have these aspects. Perhaps I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd? Anyway trying to weave the blanket of my life is a pattern which needs simplifying. But how?

I took a degree in Drama and Mus…