X-Wing fighter blanket

I made this for Finn for his 7th birthday recently. It's a ridiculous present for a summer birthday but he still insisted on trying it out despite obvious overheating! It's made with a 16mm hook and two stands of super chunky wool for the most part. I had to limit his time in it but luckily his birthday want too warm.

I found this pattern and knew I had to get it not only for Finn but for the several adults I knew who would like it!

It was a nicely written pattern but at times it's a bit simple. Obviously it's written to the point with no mucking about, but occasionally I like to be reassured I'm doing the right thing! I like patterns that tell you everything every time and this doesn't. It's all written correctly, don't get me wrong but I just like that extra bit. Perhaps I'm an insecure crocheter. The only time the pattern didn't make sense was when I found myself having done too many rows in the body section and I was on the wrong wing. I ended up doing the wings upside down but managed to match them so it still worked!The blanket is made up of a cocoon section that is like the pilots seat. It has a slit up the back so it's easier to get in and out of. Then there are the wings which are crocheted at the same time. Finally it's the finishing touches of the engines and guns and vo├Čla!

The big kid inside me who absolutely loves Star Wars really enjoyed making this, whilst sipping coffee from my Yoda mug. Also, the fact that Finn pseudo fainted when he saw it was all the conformation I needed that he liked it.It was good fun for big and little kids alike.

Maybe you'd like one too?! ????