The Avengers assembled

My next gift instalment is:

The Avengers

Merida and Finn love the Avengers, in fact we all do. Frank and I are big fans of the films. Now whilst the kids are still too young to see the films (in my opinion) we've shown them appropriate snippets. For Christmas (yes, it's taken a while to write this blog) I created an Iron Man (for Finn to add to his Hulk, Captain America and Thor he got for his birthday) and Black Widow which they'd both asked for. Their obsession has since grown due to other Christmas gifts of the Avengers comics and a cartoon TV series. You can see this from Finn's artwork below.

File 27-04-2016, 23 03 33

Finn's artistic interpretation of Iron Man

I got the pattern on Ravelry from the site Over the Bifrost. I adapted them from this pattern. I chose this pattern because I like the different proportions to a lot of other amigurumi I've seen. The only difference I made was the hair. I wasn't very good at the hair in the pattern (Thor has bald patches) so I looked up other ways of making dolls hair and found the wig-cap solution. (I would put up the link but I've honestly no idea where I found it). I think my Iron Man possibly needs a trim as he has rather too much hair, possibly Tony Stark was going for a retro 70's look that day?!

I'll be honest I find amigurumi tricky to dedicate time to, possibly because I have to think! Sometimes I just want something easy on my hands and easy on my addled brain. This pattern kept things simple but effecvtive, so much so I could even muster enough brain power to adapt it to fit other characters.

I love the finished result. And I love the fact my kids can play with the finish product. You'll see from the picture of The Hulk that he's been played with. He was missing in action when I took the picture of all the Avengers together.

File 27-04-2016, 23 04 05

Finn's Avengers

Black Widow has a story. Pretty much every year we have a Christmas tradition of going to my parent's beautiful country home to snuggle up by their wood burner with meals cooked in the aga and eaten overlooking a gorgeous valley. You get the idea- a picture perfect country location. Now whilst we love sharing Christmas with my folks and other assorted family members it does mean that we have to remember things and take gifts with us. I had put the head, body and legs of Black Widow in a bag where I knew Merida wouldn't find them. Then on the evening of 23rd December I settled myself down to start the finishing process.....but where was she?! Had Frank seen or moved her? Nope! Black Widow had vanished. More of a disaster was the fact that I didn't have the right wool for her flesh. I had used a beige colour which was sitting atr home. Frank suggested she could wait until we got home just after Christmas but that wouldn't do for me. It was one of the presents Merida had specifically asked for and I was determined she would get it.
On Christmas Eve I started her in earnest, a drive I only seem to find the day before a gift is due! I had some light brown yarn I decided to use for her skin instead and gave her a slightly more tanned look. She'd obviously had a mission abroad! Lucky I finished her hair at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve! Phew!File 27-04-2016, 22 54 36

They loved them and have since asked for more. I now have a list of Avengers they want and also a list of adults who want them! Hawkeye is half made as I'm using the one I started for the original Black Widow.

I'm really pleased with these and get a lot of positive comments on them. Also, they were enjoyable to make and I didn't feel the usual mid-way amigurumi drag. Luckily there are tons of Avengers so it will never get boring making them. Maybe I should take them when Frank and I we go to see Captain America: Civil War?!

[caption id="attachment_788" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Photo 11-12-2015, 13 16 31 My artistic interpretation of Iron Man.[/caption]