New normal for the new year

Christmas has been crazy! Lovely, but absolutely crazy. Not only has there been the annual juggling of children's activities but Frank was away for the first time since baby Rose was born. Taking the kids to various carol and Christmas events was a bit more challenging with three in tow but I made myself 'super-organised mum' and I'm pleased to say that it nearly worked! There was a minor meltdown moment when Rose was being a demanding newborn (as is her right I suppose) but other than that the Christmas preparations went well.

Merida and Finn helped me with 'gathering the green' which is one of my favourite parts of Christmas, or more strictly speaking, my nod to the celebration of Yule. This started when I lived with my folks as my mum does it every year too. It's something that really marks the season for me.

 [caption width="504" align="alignnone"] Our mantel piece (excuse the bad photo)[/caption]  [caption width="718" align="alignnone"] My wreath and table piece- I love the kids drawings being on display behind[/caption] 

We've been down at my folks in Devon for most of the holidays. I love being at my parents for Christmas, so much so that I have never spent a Christmas away from them. My lovely Frank also loves it as do the kids. Merida keeps asking if we can move into the country and I think she has her eye on her grandparents house! It does have a wonderful view it has to be said and is in a beautiful little village.

My mum always decorates the house beautifully with greenery and baubles everywhere. My dad is in charge of the lights and booze! He decorates their veranda with a little Christmas tree, lights and massive baubles (it doesn't matter how I say "massive baubles" it's always funny!). The lights are all a gentle white or blue so not gaudy.

As for my Christmas crochet projects? Well I'd love to say that I managed all presents on time but I failed! I'm determined to give the gifts I intend to even if it takes until the summer to get them done. But I did complete Iron Man and Black Widow for Finn and Merida which they loved. It's always good when the gifts I make are appreciated.

Someone asked me the other day how I found the transition from two to three children. Needless to say she was a mother of three herself. I replied I found it "interesting". 

[caption width="720" align="alignnone"] A little Christmas crochet display[/caption] 

Right now though I'm enjoying my maternity leave so am not going to get stressed about making items to sell. I'm trying to give myself time to adjust to my new normal life. I've even decided to take a year out from performing in my opera group, which I love. I'll miss it but my head is having trouble working at the moment just with home life let alone anything extra.

However I don't see this new year as a challenge. I love being a mum and am looking forward to it. But I do have a new year's ambition to fit in to some of my pre-pregnancy trousers by my birthday, which is February so I'm giving myself a little time!

Happy New Year one and all.