Quirky crochet wig!

It was recently Merida's 8th birthday. I love making things for my kids for their birthdays but this time I was concerned I'd already overdone my sets of hats, gloves etc. Also, I'd made both Finn and Merida some amigurami Avengers (more on that at a later date) for Christmas so didn't want to make a toy. This was mainly due to me needing a break from the fiddly stitches and having to think about the pattern so I thought I'd make something as a bit of a joke....and follow someone else's pattern.

I turned to my trusty Inside Crochet magazine and found the perfect pattern from issue 70. It is called a 'Day of the Dead' costume and consists of a black wig with a garland of flowers and is intended for the celebrations at the end of October. Over the last year Merida kept asking for a black wig in order to dress up as various characters. So I thought I'd make her one for her birthday.

It was one of those really cheerful makes that keeps making you giggle as you hook it and I constantly wondered how she would react to it. It was very therapeutic and simple for me after the calculations of amigurami. I decided to leave the garland for a later date.


Basically the wig is a hat with strands of chains which you then double crochet into. It creates this wonderful curly hair effect. Plus I didn't have to stay up until 3am to finish it the day before and I could let my hands do the hooking whilst I relaxed.

Merida was a little bemused when she first saw it and when I explained what it was and that I thought it was funny I received one of those "mum you're so silly but I love you" looks that tells you your daughter is far more grownup than previously thought. However, she has now thought of several characters it will be useful for and has come to like it (obviously in time she'll find it as funny as me....she will I tell you).

I hope you enjoy the silly photos of me and my quirky crochet.