Gifts - a Love Knot Scarf

So to the next instalment in my gifts series.

A Love Knot Scarf

Now I have Pinterest to thank for this one. I knew I wanted to make a nice scarf for a friend of the family but I was unsure as to what. I scoured the wonders of Pinterest and found this link to Amelia is Rabbit's site and the pattern I used for this scarf. I really enjoyed making it and will do so again and again and again form now on.

I've since discovered, whilst merrily crocheting away thinking to myself "I recognise this stitch" that it is in Sue Whiting's Crochet Bible only she refers to it as a Solomon's knot. Whatever it's called it's basically an elongated double crochet stitch (uk terminology) and the loop which you bring through and is normally short is kept long and produces this open stitch as pictured below. I love this stitch, whatever you choose to call it. I found it really therapeutic once I'd gotten going and easy to get lost in the hooking process.

Now the main difference I made to the pattern I used (because it would be me if I didn't make a change to the pattern) was the yarn I used. I used a smaller double knit wool as my choice and therefore had to add some stitches at the very beginning. So instead of 31 (30 plus a turning chain) I used 46 (45 plus a turning chain). Suspecting it would be difficult to make a colour change during this make so I decided to hook with a yarn that change the colour for me. It was multicoloured, in other words. I think the finished effect was quite nice.

One thing I love about this scarf is its versatility. Not only can you simply alter it to make it a chunkier scarf or a finer, lacy garment but it is versatile in itself. On the original pattern it's stated the scarf is great for those interim season, where the frost is on the ground first thing but by the afternoon it's quit warm. Perfect!

And here is the finished product modelled by Ted.

I'm in love with this Love Knot/Solomon's Knot scarf. So much so I'll make more. Many what colour next?