Gifts - A Minion

I love making things for my family. It brings a joy that nothing else quite matches. I mean, it's nice to get a present right but for that to also be something you created is great. I never leave myself enough time to make the presents I want to. Somehow I can buy in time but not plan my makes well enough. This year I had the added distraction of Rose being born. Now whilst I have learnt how to feed her and crochet it can get a little tangled at times. So this Christmas just gone I decided to prioritise the children I'd be spending Christmas Day with, which were my three and two of our nieces.

I made five crochet gifts in December and have already started this year as I mean to go on and made some little things for my youngest and a birthday present for my eldest (see 1wig). I'm determined that 3 projects I've yet to complete will also happen, this includes a rare one for me!

I thought I would tell you of my creative process (sometimes very creative) over my next few posts. Firstly we shall start with:

Minion Stuart

This was for my niece. I scoured Pinterest for a pattern but couldn't find one I like. They either seemed the wrong size or somehow didn't look right. Eventually I found a picture I loved and clicked on the link to the pattern.....but it was in Spanish! I don't speak Spanish. I tried the translation tool online but it came out in nonsensical Yoda speak....except I can understand Yoda! I looked at the photos and thought I could figure it out so I had a go.The bit I knew I'd find difficult was the eye. However, this lovely Spanish pattern luckily had a photo-tutorial specifically of the eye. It really helped and I'm thoroughly grateful for it. I love the deceptively and exceptionally simple method for the iris of the eye. I was afraid of this bit and had to take three attempts before I got it right. This is one reason I chose Stuart- he only has one eye.

I decided to make the head, body and dungarees in one piece. It worked well but I know in the future I would change how I join the rounds. I simply joined with the previous stitch and carried on. Next time I'll do an invisible join and turning chain to join so there's no step, especially between colours.

It was very well received with my niece shouting "it's a minion!". Apparently she made Stuart breakfast the next day. Perhaps I should make a whole minion army.