Weeping Angel

I am so pleased to finally be able to write this post. I have absolutely love making this Weeping Angel and it is an appropriate grand finale to my gift series. img_2098

This was my dad's birthday present and he had to wait an extra month for it due to illnesses and distractions but he loved it so it was worth the delay.
I found the pattern on Ravelry after quite a long search. I had wanted a Dr Who baddy to accompany the Dalek I made my dad last year. There were other patterns but this one immediately caught my eye as being the most detailed and accurate. Normally I'm a sucker for a free pattern but this one is well worth the money. This is the pattern. It is amazing. It is clear and precise and very detailed which is why it actually looks good.

It is made in several different stages. Firstly the body top, then the body base which get sewn together and then the dress which covers a lot of the top and all the base. One quirk I love, which makes it hugely accurate, is the fact she has boobs! For some reason I found this hilarious and brilliant in equal measure.

img_2097The wings and arms contain wire so they are fully posable too. A fabulous idea. Not only does it give some rigidity but it means you can pose her when someone's not looking. She's coming to get you!

imageI even enjoyed making the head! I normally find wig caps and hair a bit fiddly but it was so well instructed that it was a joy. In fact the whole pattern was a joy. I hardly had to think at all, which is a bonus for me!



img_2099But the detail I absolutely love the most is the dress. It is the perfect touch. It is made oversized and then sewn on to the body top and base. Once it's on it forms these lovely lines and reaches the bottom of the base. It creates movement in something still.


I often find amigurumi a fiddle and a faff, despite liking the finished product. (I'm sure I've said that before). My dad is now requesting a TARDIS so he can escape all these baddies. That's next year's present sorted.

Just a word of warning: don't close your eyes!