Busy bee to poorly lass

I've been so super busy it's been crazy. I suddenly found myself with three part-time jobs which was awesome, if time consuming. I loved it though, and was just starting to hit my stride regarding being a working mum when illness struck. 

Suddenly, one day, I was in pain. I thought it was random girl stuff even though it was the wrong time. However, much pain and general exhaustion prompted several trips to the Dr and one to hospital. To cut a long story short it took two weeks to be diagnosed as an ovarian cyst rupture, even now they're not 100% sure.

[caption width="721" id="attachment_1104" align="alignnone"] The dog kept me company though and even warmed my seat for me[/caption] 

It took me another week to start to feel human again and even now it's touch and go with how much I can do in one day. I have days when I feel great and others when I just have to sit down. It's always crap to be ill but even worse around Christmas especially when you want to do stuff.

My husband has been amazing. He is my hero. The turning point came when he took all the kids off for a full day out one Sunday and I was ordered to either sleep or crochet all day. Who was I to argue?!

In fact that has been the one bonus of being off my feet: crochet. I'm nearly up to date with all my Christmas crochet and really pleased with myself. I've been on the sofa a lot with my hot water bottle and the dog. In fact I've now warn out my hot water bottle and am in need of a new one. I'm hoping Father Christmas will bring me one.

I have managed to do some stuff though but at present it has to be stuff I can do and stop part way through if need be. We did some Christmas baking for the teachers at school.

And I did a Christmas concert with my a cappella group. To prove it here's me as a reindeer.

Unfortunately it made me feel crap but it was worth doing for the feel-good factor. That's the thing though isn't it: do what you can without straining yourself and you'll feel good mentally. I'd rather feel I've achieved stuff than sit at home feeling sorry for myself.

I even managed a commissioned crochet beard for a friend. Here is scary photo.

I can't get over how much I look like my dad, even though the beard is crocheted. I got this pattern from here and it's simple, quick and fun.

But I can see the sunshine and there are positives. Firstly it's noting too serious. The amount of tests they've done which have had negative results just shows that. I'm frustrated more than anything. hopefully the festive season will bring lots of distractions and happiness.

Keep well,