Chocolate, peanut and banana flapjacks

It's been a funny few days in the Yarn household. Firstly Finn tested the hospital nearby when he needed stitches after a playground injury. He's now all healed and back to his normal lunatic-self, running around at full speed having still not learnt to look where he's going! Rose is potty training so the washing is increasing and the sticker charts are filling up nicely. Poor old Merida has laryngitis and is feeling rubbish. She's completely lost her voice and is using a whistle to call when she needs something. So after two days of being home with a potty training toddler and sick ten year old (when I'm supposed to be running errands and attending a crochet workshop) I decided to bake. What else do you do when you have to stick a toddler on the toilet every five minutes and attend to the needs of the whistle-blowing girl? So all morning it's been measure this ingredient, take apron off to help Rose on the potty, put apron back on and hopefully measure the next two ingredients before repeating the steps above! I tell you making sure I'm keeping that apron hygienic is quite tricky.

In the midst of all this madness I managed to produce the goodies above. So we have (from left to right) paleo breakfast bread, chocolate, peanut and banana flapjacks and ordinary syrup covered, sugar coated, butter soaked flapjacks (from a children's recipe book). After I've been feeling really unwell the last week I decided I needed to become stricter on my dietary needs. When I was really bad before I cut out dairy, wheat and sugar. It was a bit of a nightmare but it really helped. I've been told different things about dietary change . Some say it only helps in the short-term others swear by the long term effects. All I know is I don't want to be in pain anymore so I'm tightening up. I've kept up the dairy-free bit well and that's actually easy in France as they have so much goats and sheeps cheese. The sugar-free went first because it's so hard! Sugar is in everything. It's the wheat that is difficult in this country. I've moved to a country that specialises in delicious pastries and bread. It was always doomed. I told myself I'd keep up the wheat-free for at least two of the three meals a day but even that went by the wayside! So I'm trying again, hence the baking. Also, I have some lovely 95% chocolate which tastes delicious (I like dark chocolate) BUT it really dries out your mouth as you eat so it needed a moist accompanist (wine didn't work, I tried!). Plus some overripe bananas and vo├Čla these new flapjacks were born.

So the recipe details.

Chocolate, peanut and banana flapjacks


  • 225g oats

  • 175g sunflower spread

  • 2 very ripe bananas

  • 4 squares of very dark chocolate (I used 95%)

  • 1 cup of peanuts (I used salted and smashed mine up a bit with a rolling pin)

  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

  • 2 tablespoons of honey

First of all I mashed those overripe bananas. You know the type in talking about, the ones which are turning a dubious brown colour. I used simple methods (as I was happy with lumps) and simply roughly chopped the bananas into a bowl used a fork to mash them.

Once mashed I added the peanut butter and honey and mixed them all together.

I measured out the oats and peanuts then sat all that to one side whilst I melted the sunflower spread in a saucepan. When it was slightly melted I added the chocolate, breaking it into small-ish chunks as I went.

Finally stir everything together (I chucked all the other ingredients in the saucepan with the sunflower spread and chocolate concoction). Then put in a greased shallow baking tray. I used one that has sides about 2cms high just to contain the shape.

Then stick it in the oven on a 170 degrees celsius (fan) and bake for somewhere between 20-30 minutes. I checked every 10 minuets because I had other things in there too and wasn't sure how the temperature was holding.

I let them cool and then cut. Because they're not as sticky as normal flapjacks you can get away with cutting when cold. And here they are. As is often the case they aren't as sticky as the ordinary syrup covered, sugar coated, butter soaked flapjacks. And they fall apart a little but the texture is still good and they are yummy. I recommend your favourite cuppa to go with them.

By the way I've only tired these once so far so if I've got something wrong or you have any questions please ask. Also, the oats I've got here in France are a little bigger than I'm used to so smaller oats may improve the overall consistency.

I'm off as a mother's work is never done.

Enjoy your dairy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free goodies.

Josie Xxx

Disclaimer: I made head up out of the ingredients in my cupboard. If they bear any resemblance to other recipes it is pure coincidence.