My weeks in photos

Hi all. It's taken me forever to do a blogpost because life has been busy! There's been crochet (obviously), kids away on school trips, me being ill (again!!!), visitors, organising holidays and housesitters...all very first world problems. But I know you're all desperate to here about what I've been up to so here it is:

We tool our visitors into Toulouse for a little bimble. It was a lovely, easy trip and we found some beautiful side streets and ended up having lunch by a haberdashery and yarn shop. It's like I was drawn to it.

I picked some gooseberries from our bush. The juice didn't get further than this as I fell ill but it is waiting for me in the freezer to do something with. What a wonderful colour!

Oh so much gorgeous nature and beauty around us. It's bloody hot and we're all getting used to sweating (urgh!) but it does produce some wonderful things like cicadas singing in our garden and many, many flowers on our school run.

Yes, one day I had too much time on my hands! Well the big kids were on a school trip to the Mediterranean coastline and experiencing land yachting etc. Actually this was the week before and I've a feeling I did this on all their beds instead of my French homework *awkward shuffle*

We got a job-lot of garden furniture secondhand and I seriously love it. I'm unsure what to do with the birdcage but something eventually.

I took the small person yarn shopping with me in preparation for my boy's birthday and she got the idea very well. I did have to convince her not buy them and then she ran off into all the bolts of fabric! That was an interesting few minutes!!

So that's me up to date...ish.

I may get around to writing more next time but I ain't promising nothin'!