Hello there and welcome to Frank and Josie’s house. I’m glad you could join us. I’ll put the kettle on whilst we talk. If you’ve followed me over from wrapthekidsincrochet.co.uk then I’m glad you could make it. If you’re new to my house there’s some things you should probably know: mainly that this is a safe space and we welcome everybody here, no matter their faith, colour, creed or life choices. All we ask is you have an open mind and listen to others and look for the best in people - that’s what we do here.

Let me tell you all about how I got here, how I came to the point in my life I wanted to write a blog.
Well I've always liked the idea of writing, even tried it a few times but I always got distracted by life so I thought I'd write about just that, my life. But this blog was mainly kicked off by crochet. In the summer of 2013 I was innocently drinking tea in my sister's house when she says to me "Here, try this." Next thing I know I have a crochet hook and wool in my hands and she's teaching me how to make a mobile phone case. Crochet has enveloped my life in a very good and cosy manner, even to the extent of helping me cope with depression and chronic illness. I started my former site (Wrap the Kids in Crochet) to share all my crochet makes with the world. As my blog naturally developed so did my writing style and what I like to write about. I found myself writing more and more about life, parenting, kids, depression, moving to France (which we did in 2017), coping with endometriosis and plastic-free living whilst still finding time for crochet, sewing and experimenting in the kitchen.

I also love singing and drama but it's not often they all combine. Having said that during 2014 I did manage to crochet on stage during two productions! I also enjoy inventing various things. By this I don't mean robots or fuel-free cars I mean jam and fruit flavoured gin- I mean inventing in the old-fashioned kitchen sense. I don't feel you can really be passionate about just one thing in life so I explore many aspects of our world.

Our world starts in our house with my glorious husband and we live with our three magnificent kids: two girls and a boy plus our two lovely dogs. The inspiration for the name Frank and Josie's House came from my parents. One day, when our relationship was very new, my now husband was trying to remember my parents names before entering the kitchen and he whispers to me "Their names are Frank and Josie, right?" I laughed so hard as that couldn't be further from the truth and my parents came out to see what the laughter was about. I instantly embarrassed my poor, young love and told them. From that day on their nicknames have been Frank and Josie and every birthday card they've ever sent my husband has been signed such. But the name symbolises more than that: my parents have always been very welcoming, always very generous, always putting the kettle on. My mum has always been sewing, knitting and making jellies and candles every since I can remember. When I was growing up my dad was either in a dirty boiler suit lugging bags of coal about or chopping wood and feeding the chickens and pigs or in his white tuxedo conducting a concert. Not a lot has changed (except the chickens have gone). Both have always taken time to speak to people and be sociable. Both have always interacted with their community and now they're retired my dad runs the village choir and my mum edits the local newspaper...so they're enjoying themselves all the more now.

There's a line from a kids book called 'The Everyday Witch' which says "She likes life to be magical and so does her son." That's me - making life magical for my kids as my parents did for me. They may not know it throughout my temper tantrums (mostly in my teens) but my parent's house was always (and still is) a safe place to be.

So here we are now at Frank and Josie's house. Our house is comfy, cosy, noisy, loaded with jam and jellies of various types, covered in crochet projects and most importantly, full of fun and magic.
Fancy another cuppa? Or have I had too many?