Christmas preparations

Has anyone else gotten completely lost in Christmas preparations? I’ve made Amazon wish lists for my children (so effectively shopped twice) so our relatives know what their ever-changing far away cousins/nieces or nephews like (and thank goodness they’ve extended the same courtesy to us!). I’ve shopped and shopped either online or in shops and discovered massive, sparkling reindeer.

I’ve been trying to avoid the gilet jaune protests. I’ve organised the children getting gufts for each other (with a strict 5€ budget). I’m trying to work out what a traditional French Christmas is to give us a taste of it as we’re christmassing (is that gramatically correct?) in France for the first time. I’m planning various house cleaning/ bed changing strategies for when my parents arrive. I’ve negotiated with the children on which size tree to get. I’ve helped everyone back to health after we all suffered from a horrible virus (especially the small person). I’ve convinced my husband said tree is called Sidney (don’t ask why!). I’ve been battling with the black dog of depression and barking at the wrong people about it. I’ve been reading but less than I like. I’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls whilst drinking too much coffee (their fault not mine!). I’ve been eating way too much chocolate. I went out for a Christmas mum’s night out. I’ve only just made mince pies. I’ve rediscovered the wonders of spelt flour after the husband found it in the supermarket the other day. I’ve found it quite hard to be Santa this year but the hat still fits so I shall endeavour to be up to the task. And I’ve crocheted....a lot. 

I’m aware that a lot of people think I’m made because I like to crochet presents for people every Christmas. Yes, it can be stressful but I’ve downsized the presents this year....except for the mermaid tail blanket for my youngest, but she’s still small. I have to say though that every year, no matter how well or enthusiastically the present is received I always enjoy the making and giving. It’s something that really makes Christmas special for me. I love it. Sneak previews below.

At this point I have to mention my long-suffering, ever-patient husband. My lovely man has been putting up Christmas lights everywhere he can to make me happy. He even accepted the fact I wanted a new Christmas jumper just because.

 Plus he’s given me hugs as much as I’ve needed them and when I feel a bout of  depression coming on that’s what I need most - comfort. Pure and simple comfort...hence the chocolate. I think I even know why I’m a bit blue (to put it in an understated manner) because this is the first Christmas we won’t see most of our family and French in the U.K. It’ll be lovely here as my parents are visiting and there’s lovely stuff going on but it’s definitely effecting me.

Ok just a short blog post today. I need sleep and to read more. Plus I need to work out where the pictures from my older posts have gone! If anyone has superior technical experience please help me!!!

Anyone with fingers sore from crochet and shoulders aching from the weight of my heavy head I need my oh so comfy bed.

Toodle pip.