Sushi rolls and geisha

It’s official, I can say it now: we’re moving to Japan! Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh. I thought moving from the U.K. to France was a challenge but being 500 miles away from friends and family wasn’t difficult enough so we’re going further afield. (Now is that sarcasm or the wine talking?) As I said on my recent Instagram post “Holy sushi rolls, Batman!”

We’re all feeling a little bit overwhelmed and crazy right now. We are definitely a house full of crazy, tears, worries, research, questions and many comments of “what the *#~¥ are we doing?!” The picture above is actually me when I’d practised some yoga and was feeling a little calmer. This is the hubby and I before:

Actually we’re really excited. I in particular have always wanted to go to Japan. I’ve read many books about geisha and their role in Japanese society. I know it’s not everything but it drew me in and I want to learn more. Kyoto is definitely on my list of places to visit. Although we’ve already decided that the hubby will be the geisha. He’s currently researching how to play the shamisen. I thought I’d be an international businessman but a friend suggested I join the female samurai called Onna-Bugeisha. I’m tempted. I’ve always fancied being bad ass.

And then there’s the fact we’ll arrive in time for the cherry blossoms. Just look at them

Now I can’t take credit for this picture or the one at the top of the page. Maybe next year I’ll have some photos of my own.

And why are we moving half way around the world? Well the hubby got an amazing job and I mean amazing. It’s the kind of opportunity he’s been waiting for and thought he’d have to wait a few years more for and it’s fallen in his lap with all the bells and whistles that go with it. I’m so pleased for him. He works so hard and is so passionate about his job. He always gives everything and now, after waiting so patiently, he is headhunted and given a dream job all in one. I am so proud of him.

There is one massive fly in the sak√©: we can’t take the dogs. Due to their personalities and increasing ages we decided flying them in cargo-hold for over 10 hours was just not fair. So our beautiful pooches are going to their retirement home otherwise known as my parents’ house. They were our biggest difficulty in making the decision. They’ve been in our family for 12 years. They’re part of our family. The first dog arrived before the first baby. It’s going to be a wrench and there have been many tears shed over this particular point already. I know we’ll be further away from our family and friends too but they can use a telephone or social media. The pooches? Not so much. They do have an Instagram account but ask me to do the opposable thumb bit.

Look at those beautiful faces. We know they’ll be loved and looked after and that we can see them when we visit the U.K. but it obviously won’t be the same.

Now all we have to do is decide what we’re taking and what goes into storage, work out the exact dates for departures from school and clubs, look at the best flight root, take the dogs back to the U.K. and hug our friends and family there, say goodbye to our friends in France, see another home become just a house, decide on a school for the kids and drink our body weight in wine whilst we come to terms with the enormity of our decision.

Best go - lots to do. Need to drink some wine for starters.